A quiet Sunday out


The pain started on Friday evening. A broken tooth seems to be the cause but Bronwen definitely has a problem. Not much sleep was had on Friday night although the paracetamol helped. Fortunately, Emmanuel the minister's husband, is a doctor at the King Faisal hospital. He called us on Saturday evening to say he had arranged an appointment with a dentist at 8:30 the next morning.

Next morning, apart from being Sunday was also the day before the President's inauguration ceremony. Foreign dignitaries are flying in from the rest of Africa and every road junction is manned by police. Blue flashing lights were ferrying shiny four-wheel drives with tinted windows around the city. Fortunately, at that time of the morning things were still quiet and we were able to make our way across town without difficulty.

The dentist is a Seventh Day Adventist, so Saturday is her day off. There are many shops in the centre which are closed on Saturday but open again on Sunday. Bronwen is taken into the surgery while I settle down with a 2004 edition of National Geographic. The choice was that or a 2006 copy of News Week. I didn't get much of a read as Bronwen was out fifteen minutes later with a prescription for some antibiotics and another three appointments.

Any sympathy would be greatly appreciated by B although the tablets seem to be having their effect and normal life has resumed. At least until the first appointment on Thursday. Watch this space ...