A good time was had by all


Friday 24th September was Founders Day at Meg Foundation School at Kanamba. It usually coincides with Meg's birthday but she was waiting for a friend to arrive from UK. Friday is a better day for a party anyway. All the children, morning and afternoon classes,  arrived bright and early to put last minute touches to their performances and chairs were assembled at the front of the building. The special guests which included local administrators and school trustees were seated on the veranda where the morning play activities usually take place. Someone had forgotten to invite the parents so hurried phone-calls were made to a number of them and others were already on the premises working on crafts for the cooperative.

Once everybody was seated they were treated to a wonderful display of Rwandan dancing accompanied by drummers and a choir. Ladies in blue outfits, some with bells around an ankle,weaved around the "stage", waving their arms and stamping their feet. For some of the dances they were joined by the men, in equally impressive outfits.  Class by class, the children paid tribute to Meg, wishing her a Happy Birthday and showing off what they had been learning over the last year. There were songs in English, songs in French and songs in Kinyarwanda, amusing sketches and traditional dance. Next year, I think the children will be able to provide all the entertainment. Short speeches were made by the local dignitaries and then Meg received birthday presents from parents and children before the party broke out and they all danced together. Finally, refreshments were served before everyone went home for the afternoon.