A day at Scripture Union


Yesterday, Mama Sandy spent the day at SU headquarters in Kigali. She arrived at 9.30 am and left almost twelve hours later. After catching up with Marie-Therise, who had taken her to Confidence Nursery and Primary in Muyumbu the previous week she went to visit the children who come for some extra lessons and more importantly food before heading off to their afternoon classes at the local primary school. They started arriving shortly after ten o'clock, six or seven in total, from Primaries 2 - 4 and were set some maths problems which they completed before a meal of rice, and a green spinach-like sauce was served at 11am. They played outside for a while then set off for their more structured lessons. This gave Mama Sandy some time to talk to Jean-Claude and a German volunteer who run the classes before the afternoon group arrived hungry from their morning in the school classroom.

SU Rwanda has a relationship with an organisation in Germany who send gap year students to help teach the children, english, mathematics and social studies. Mama Sandy met two of these students when she was in Kigali before and a different pair had replaced them in her absence. Many of the children who are given lunch are sponsored through school as a result ofthis relationship.

While the second group waited for their meal Mama Sandy taught them some choruses. Most of the children were slightly older - P4 and P5, and their english was better. They soon picked up the words and enjoyed repeating the songs over and over again. They also sang something she had taught at the bible camp in April.  Food over and Maths problems completed the children headed for home around 2.30pm.
There were now several hours to kill before the Sunday School teachers arrived for their monthly prayer meeting. This was spent in discussion with some of the SU staff and catching up with e-mails on the laptop. SU headquarters has a library where people can go to prepare material and catch up on their reading. Although the meeting starts from six o'clock the room didn't start filling up for another hour. Public transport in Rwanda is not always reliable and most of these teachers had come straight from work or college. They would then stay the night sleeping on mats in the room where the meeting was held.  After a time of prayer, Mama Sandy was asked to teach them some of the choruses she uses with my own Sunday School class. Many of these teachers only have limited english so the words had to be translated into Kinyarwanda for them, However the actions helped to get the message across. Next there was a lesson for the teachers and the translation had to go the other way. The message was very encouraging
Before retiring for the night a meal of rice, potatoes, beans and sauce  was served up to the tired and hungry teachers and Mama Sandy headed for home.