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School visits

Tue, 2015-06-23

Nyamirambo is known as one of the poorer areas of Kigali and where Mission Rwanda first started work. The main street is a bustling thoroughfare of clothes shops and beauty parlours.

Rabbit economics

Fri, 2015-06-19

An exciting night. Heavy rain on the roof made any effort at sleep futile. The frequent lightning and ear-splitting thunderclaps overhead provided entertainment by way of compensation.

Banana beer

Fri, 2015-06-19

We were visiting some of the children who have been through our porridge project at Rutonde and at one house noticed a plastic pail with a bottle beside it.

Back in Kigali

Thu, 2015-06-18

Fish supper doesn't translate well into Kinyarwanda. This is maybe as well because having to explain a case full of them to the customs officer at Kigali airport was never going to be easy.


Sat, 2015-02-07

Marie-Therese Milindi is the Children's Director at Scripture Union in Kigali. A woman with a huge heart for others, it is no secret that she gets her strength from the Lord.