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The Rwamagana cow

Fri, 2016-01-22

On our previous visit to Rwamagana we left some money for one of our six widows there who had fallen ill with cancer. We also bought a cow which was to be used to benefit the widow and her children. Today we are back in Rwamagana and took the opportunity to catch up with the latest news.

Baby clothes

Thu, 2016-01-21

The good ladies of Loanhead have been at it again. Knitting needles aroud the parish have been clicking furiously to produce enough outfits to kit out half Rwanda's new-born babies.

Soap production

Wed, 2016-01-20

One of Mission Rwanda's activities is helping widows set up in business to support themselves and their families. An opportunity presented itself this week in the form of Jane, Pastor Jean's wife in Rutonde.

Nyamirambo school results

Fri, 2016-01-15

Some time back we started what was called our Nyamirambo Street Children project. Over time this has evolved into the Nyamirambo Children's project. We met the children yesterday and even though it is only a few months since we have seen most of them, they are still a lot bigger than we remember them.

Progress at Rutonde

Wed, 2016-01-13

We have come to Rutonde and our children's porridge project outside of Kigali. The rains are beginning to return and the road is still soft from a heavy downpour two nights ago. Our driver weaves carefully among the potholes and puddles to protect his creaking suspension.

Going home

Thu, 2015-07-16

Another tour comes to an end. Over the past month I have been able to catch up with our projects, meet old friends and make new ones.

Kibungo goats

Mon, 2015-07-13

After the dust and dirt of Kiwangala, the past couple of days have been spent cleaning the bits that haven't seen water for a while and it is now time to move again.