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Uganda's original kingdom

Mon, 2012-02-06

The creation of the Ugandan Protectorate in 1894 brought together a disparate and traditionally antagonistic group of territories. The largest of these was Buganda, home to the Ganda people. The kingdom has a long and proud history stretching back to the fourteenth century. When Uganda achieved independence in 1962 Buganda was abolished but not without a lot of unrest.

Outlook sunny

Mon, 2012-02-06

Life in sunny Kiwangala at the moment is just that - sunny. And hot. Within a degree of the equator, the morning sun rises promptly at seven and the temperature climbs swiftly into the thirties where it stays for most of the day.

Off to Maggie's wedding

Mon, 2012-02-06

We had been warned that it was going to be a long day and after two weddings in Rwanda, experience told us that a box of sandwiches would be a good thing to take with us, except that in the heat of Uganda in February they wouldn't last until lunchtime. It was also a chance to dress up.

Another new term in Kigali

Sun, 2012-01-29

It is almost the end of January and our children in Kigali have been back at school for three weeks. Seven of them have returned to Kivugeza school which is close to where we rented the house last year and within half an hour's walk for them all. Most live much nearer than that.

A one-horse town

Sun, 2012-01-29

It would not be wrong to call Kiwangala a one-horse town, except that the place can't boast so much as a donkey, never mind a horse. This village of a few thousand population sits on a crossroads between two dirt tracks.

Pigs, chickens and bricks

Tue, 2012-01-24

Last week we had hoped to visit some of the women we are helping around Kiwangala in Uganda but events overtook us in the form of the burial of a small child (see A sad story). The other day though we donned walking gear and set off into the plantations in the company of Maggie, one of the teachers at Sure House School.

Hot and dry

Thu, 2012-01-19

Well, we would never have thought of Kigali as a metropolis, but compared to kiwangala which has been home to us most recently, the Rwandan capital was positively busy.

A sad story

Thu, 2012-01-19

One of our first tasks back in Kiwangala is to catch up with our widows who we left setting up their new businesses. We were to see one of the groups today, but as ever in Africa, whatever was supposed to be happening this afternoon, could and probably will, happen some other afternoon.

New year, new shoes

Wed, 2012-01-04

Over the Christmas break we have been sharing accommodation with Jonathan who has come to Rwanda for a month to teach English at the Meg Foundation School in Kinamba. He also came bearing gifts in the form of donations from himself and his friends at Benowa State High School in the Gold Coast of Australia.

Happy Christmas!

Wed, 2011-12-28

Here's wishing everybody a happy (and warm) Christmas, and when it comes, a prosperous New Year. The blog is going to take some rest and recuperation over the holiday period and will be back in January. As a final contribution to 2011 though, a newsletter is being written which should be in the email before the end of the year.