The Loanhead children

For some years now, members of Loanhead Church have been sponsoring children through Primary school. Today we met a number of the children at the home of Marietherese, the Children's Director at Scripture Union here in Rwanda. Marietherese runs a Bible class for the children once a fortnight, where she shares the word of God with them and provides a breakfast of porridge and mandazi. The children all come from homes where a meal each day isn't guaranteed. We were able to catch up with the children's progress at school and hear about their family situations. For these children, the opportunity to come to Maritherese's is an opportunity to relax and play games. Life otherwise is Spartan and unpredictable. We shall see the children again next January as they prepare for their next year at school. Without the help of Loanhead Church, it is unlikely that these children would receive an education.