The porridge project is expanding

The porridge project is expanding

Back in 2013 we started a project in Rutonde, outside of Kigali, which set out to feed malnourished children. The idea was that for six months twenty children would receive a daily meal to build them up.

Since then we have been able to increase the number of children taken on in each batch to twenty-five. They also get a medical screening at the outset to sort out any problems they may have. We also introduced rabbits. At the end of each child's time on the project they are given a rabbit to take home. These are bred by the family and either eaten or sold.

After almost three years we are finding that the project is making a real difference to the Rutonde community so it has been decided to expand into the next-door Parish of Bibungo.

In keeping with the initiation of the Rutonde project we purchased a number of goats to distribute among the poorest families in the area. The first batch of children are receiving their porridge and we are looking forward to catching up on their progress when we visit in June.