Nyamirambo school results

Nyamirambo school results

Some time back we started what was called our Nyamirambo Street Children project. Over time this has evolved into the Nyamirambo Children's project. We met the children yesterday and even though it is only a few months since we have seen most of them, they are still a lot bigger than we remember them.

For the group it is the end of the long Christmas holidays and they will be returning to school at the beginning of February. Despite this, there is excitement in the air. Tharcien, Seti, Kuzungo and Patric sat their national exams last October and the results were out yesterday.

The results are sent to each school, but for added interest, we were able to send a text message to the school authorities and receive a message back with each child's mark. Perversely, the lower the mark, the better the child has done. The worst mark is around 40. One out of the four has grades good enough to be given a government assisted place at boarding schools. The other three we need to find places for in the next couple of weeks. We had arranged to gather the group together for a fanta and amandazi in any case but the results were an excuse for a bit of a celebration.

So we now have two weeks before leaving Rwanda to get our skates on. Places at new schools have to be arranged, uniforms bought and a small mountain of books and pencils requisitioned. With the week-end to come, that is next week's job.