Back in Kigali

Back in Kigali

Fish supper doesn't translate well into Kinyarwanda. This is perhaps just as well because having to explain a case full of them to the customs officer at Kigali airport was never going to be easy.

To start at the beginning, and for those not in the know about the latest craze sweeping Loanhead, I have just landed at Kigali airport with a case full of knitted baby clothes for fish supper babies. Urban myth perhaps, but like all urban myths, possibly with an element of truth as well.

Allegedly, there are babies in Africa not getting the medical checks they need because their mothers are ashamed to take their children to the doctor without clothes. Someone did however present their infant wrapped in a newspaper, and a white man (or woman) coined the term 'fish supper babies'.

Since our visit to Rwanda in January, half the female population of Loanhead have been busy with their knitting needles and have produced enough clothes to kit out a small orphanage. That may well happen. The case and contents are now in the hands of Marie-Therese at Scripture Union.

So having cleared customs and passed on half my luggage I am now in a position to get out and about to the projects. Tomorrow we head out to Rutonde to meet Pastor Jean at the Rutonde porridge programme.