Outlook sunny


Life in sunny Kiwangala at the moment is just that - sunny. And hot. Within a degree of the equator, the morning sun rises promptly at seven and the temperature climbs swiftly into the thirties where it stays for most of the day.

We had read that December and January were the dry months, and so when we had a shower of rain shortly after the new year we had hoped that this was a harbinger of wetter things to come. Sadly, one shower doesn't make a rainy season, and it turns out that this was the tail end of last season rather than the beginning of the next one.

So for the next few weeks we are having to make t-shirts last three days and bath once a week whether we need it or not. Bottled mineral water can be had in the village for a reasonable price but this gets a bit expensive for washing in. Other than the bottled stuff for drinking, the only water we have comes from a small pond down the hill from the school. Each day I head down there with our jerry-cans to fill up among the reeds and butterflies.

In the meanwhile, greenery isn't so green any more and the ground has long-since turned to dust. The rains will be welcome when they come, and with all the water bottles we have collected, our roof harvesting system will mean we can take as many baths as we like. All we need is something big enough to sit in.