New year, new shoes


Over the Christmas break we have been sharing accommodation with Jonathan who has come to Rwanda for a month to teach English at the Meg Foundation School in Kinamba. He also came bearing gifts in the form of donations from himself and his friends at Benowa State High School in the Gold Coast of Australia. When Jonathan asked if the gifts might be used for our street children we weren't going to say no.

So the other day, we headed into darkest Nyamirambo with Jonathan and a dozen children to fit them all with new shoes. Our helpers, Steven and Narcisse, did a fine job herding the group around the market until the children each had a suitable pair for school. There was even change left over, so in the heat of a noon-day sun, the children were sent round again to choose a t-shirt each. As we waited for them to return, it struck us that for at least some of the kids, this will be the first time they have been given a choice of something to wear.

Just before we wilted in the heat of the day, the youngsters emerged from the market looking very pleased with themselves. So many thanks to Jonathan and his friends at Benowa for giving the children something special to start the new year with.