Another new term in KIgali


It is almost the end of January and our children in Kigali have been back at school for three weeks. Seven of them have returned to Kivugeza school which is close to where we rented the house last year and within half an hour's walk for them all. Most live much nearer than that.

The other five primary school children are attending two schools closer to their homes, which are a distance from Nyamirambo. School fees have been paid and all the children have all been kitted out with new uniforms, and enough notebooks to last them all year. Thanks to a Christmas present from Scotland they also have well-equipped pencil cases.

Nsabire did not return to school with the others as he had to wait for his results in the national exams. These determine which level of schooling children completing primary six will progress to. The results were published at the beginning of last week but unfortunately, Nsabire didn't do well enough to move to secondary school. Instead he will be going to a new school where he will continue with a more basic level of secondary education.

This 'elementary secondary' is a new initiative from the Government starting this year. Before now, the only choice for children who failed the exams was to repeat the year or else leave school without a certificate. Now they will get an opportunity to continue their education for another three or four years at a level more suited to them.

Mission Rwanda will pay Nsabire's fees and make sure he has everything he needs for the new school year which begins on 6th February. We are looking forward to seeing how he and all the other children progress during 2012.