Welcome to Rwanda


We awoke yesterday morning after another four hours sleep with nothing in the larder. With food a priority, we finished the water in our bags and headed into town for a breakfast of tea and chapatis at the Catholic run Economart cafe. Gone for the time being are the Scotch pies and fish suppers we had indulged in at home. A leaner diet of beans and rice beckons.

It is dry here. Leaves on the trees are shrivelled and the grass is scorched yellow. There hasn't been rain for some time and there isn't likely to be any for a couple of months yet.

From what we hear, the election in Rwanda passed by relatively smoothly. The occasional poster of Kagame adorns buses and street corners. all is business as usual.

We will spend the next few days organising ourselves and getting our possessions back together. After three months at home the two of us are looking forward to picking up our various projects again.