The unpacking has started


One of the bonuses of living an itinerant lifestyle is that every now and again one is reunited with one's belongings and it is like Christmas has come early. This week we have retrieved our possessions from storage and discovered the joys of rummaging around all the things we had forgotten about while we were at home. Actually unpacking is something that is still work in progress as before we left Kigali we bought a large metal box which is proving to be a very useful secure store. Still, the important things are back on the shelves - clothes and books.

One of the priorities this week has been to get our visa applications into the immigration office. We are hoping for another twelve months. The immigration office is a busy little place and it took an hour's wait to collect two application forms and another hour and a half to hand the completed forms in. Hopefully we will know next week whether we will be able to stay having established last time we applied that despite neither of us being bishops, we are still here for mission work.

Last night, being Friday, we sat out in the bare concrete terrace that is our local hostelry. The bar was being given an upgrade in the form of an electric light slung from the tree that stands in the corner. We watched as the electrician stripped the ends of the cable with his teeth and two of his mates clambered up into the branches. Usually the lighting varies between romantic moonlight and intimate blackness, so sitting in the dark is something that the pair of us have become quite used to. It seems that now we will have to get used to looking at each other. Seeing what we are eating is something else that will have to be added to the list of new experiences.