The bank that likes to say yes


We were all suited and booted this morning for a trip to the bank. Amaserano isn't one of the biggest financial institutions in Rwanda but is different in that it has made a commitment to helping the poor and low income groups. Some of the bigger churches as well as the Protestant Council have taken shares in the place and are not above exerting some influence when needed.

Which is why I was paying a visit to Daniel Bavugamenshi the managing director. I had been asked to meet Daniel and help organise a financial training seminar for the church leaders across the country. We aren't likely to turn Bishops into financial wizards overnight but the leaders are open to being familiarised with how to make better use of their churches' money. They will also be given a few pointers to help them get more out of their accountants and the training we have been giving.

The bank isn't complaining; they will be getting some good publicity out of the event. It helps them that even with loan interest charges of 12% they are still a good deal more attractive than the competition. The usual High Street rate here is a very unattractive 19%!!