Some things never change


We have only been away three months, and it has to be said, not much has changed. A small boy greeted us the other day as we walked into town. "Give me money!" is something we have heard often. As I type this, outside my office window one of the women from the restaurant next door still hangs out the washing to dry. The internet speed hasn't changed either which is something we had been hoping for. A brand new optical fibre cable is being laid which doesn't seem to be plugged in yet.

Not all is as it was though. In our first few days back there are some new sightings on the landscape. We now have two more bottled drinks to buy: there was a choice of five before; now there is blackcurrant Fanta and a new Skol beer.

Another improvement on the drinking front is that we now have water in the house. It took a while for us to understand why the water had been plumbed in, but nothing was coming out the taps. It seems that while we have pipes, there is only water when it is pumped. It wasn't our turn yesterday but there was water for an hour the other evening. The water tank which used to fill from the roof now fills from the mains so that we get our ration when it is available. I have a vision of a dam somewhere up in the hills with five hundred taps at the bottom and a little man who walks up and down deciding whose turn it will be today.