Road safety


Tamara, one of the teachers at the school in Kinamba is walking with a limp and a badly bruised hip this week. At the week-end she took a trip to Gitarama, roughly 50km from Kigali. On the way home the taxibus she was traveling in was involved in a head-on collision with another taxibus going in the other direction. Tamara is lucky; one of the drivers was killed.

Aside from the injuries and damage, the sad part is that accidents on Rwanda's roads are not uncommon, particularly involving the taxibuses which rival the motos for notoriety. Only last week, the vehicle that Bronwen was traveling in collided with a motorcyclist.

There is intense competition between the drivers who race each other to collect passengers at each stop. Road safety isn't something that gets too much consideration when collecting maximum fares is concerned. Passengers can be assured that they won't be standing long waiting for a bus. Unfortunately, the probability of them reaching their destination in one piece is smaller than it should be.