Mrs R goes off road


There she was, on the back of a motorbike, skirt around her knees, her life in her hands and hair blowing everywhere as she bounced along the dirt track. We thought we had run out of new experiences for the time being, but this was one not tried before. Motorbike isn't Mrs. R's first choice of transport, but the school she was visiting was just a bit out of the way on the eastern side of Kigali and it was this or a long walk.

The Confidence Nursery and Primary School has been started by a local pastor and is one that Scripture Union are keen to support. Bronwen was out for a day's visit to see if it would fit into the work she is doing. The school has only two concrete classrooms for 35 children who sit on benches. They are still working up to buying desks. As with many projects in this part of the world, funding is often a secondary consideration to getting work done.

It could be that this turns out to be a regular visit, in which case the local moto-taxis had better get used to a passenger that waves her arms about.