It is finished


To anyone waiting for the latest instalment on the dentist story here it is. Today I went for the final treatment on my tooth. The filling had been cracked, probably on a stone, pretending to be a bean, bacteria had got in and an infection developed. I had hoped that once this had been treated with the antibiotics, the dentist could simply refill the tooth. That after all was what had happened previously in the UK when I had had an abscess. But no, she said, root canal treatment was required and then the tooth should be crowned.

Another dentist was recommended, slightly cheaper I may add, so, exactly a fortnight ago,  I went for a second opinion. Same diagnosis, only she said she would simply fill the tooth after the treatment had been done.  Part one was started immediately,  more antibiotics were prescribed, pain killers were advised, but unnecessary as the pain had gone with the first batch of drugs and I was told to return today.

The dentist had gone off to another clinic but her husband, also a dentist, checked all was well and then completed the job. The treatment, I believe, was cheaper than at home, but please pray that the tooth doesn't break as it is no longer as strong as it was. To have it crowned here would be very expensive.

This dental clinic incidentally is used by VSO so I was fairly certain they could be trusted.