Dangerous animals


Having travelled and lived in Africa it is a bit lame that we can't report meeting anything very dangerous along our path. Camels, and we have seen plenty of those, are so tame that children look after them. There wasn't a lion in sight, although one day a female baboon which might have been dangerous stuck her nose through the window of the vehicle. She took one look at what was left of our lunch and disappeared as fast as she had come.

There was a snake once but it seemed more interested in hiding behind our bookcase than doing any attacking, so whether it was any threat or not we will probably never know. If anyone is curious and has a knowledge of snakes, the only description we can give is black and three foot long which probably isn't much help.

Not until we came home and visited the Botanic Gardens at Inverleith in Edinburgh have we come up against anything really intent on doing us harm. Yesterday, Mrs R was the victim of a frantic attack by a squirrel (grey, one foot long) as she stood admiring the plants.

This must be a new breed of squirrel that has given up on nuts and gone for chewing denim instead. The jeans have been transformed from 1970 trendy flares to 2010 trendy flares with authentic worn holes, just like our children wear.