Bellweather bats


There has been change in the air this last couple of days. It was cool and muggy yesterday. Today, the bats hung like old rags in their favourite tree just along the road from the church, screeching as if the gathering wind was bringing the end of the world.

We had been told not to expect rain until September or even October. The dust on the ground that lies everywhere like fine cocoa powder is evidence that there has been no rain around here for a while. But the gathering clouds, the smell of moisture in the air, and the bats hinted that this might be about to change.

Sure enough, the bats were right. Just before tea time the first drops fell and the smell of dust filled the air. Within an hour everything is fresh again and the new air a welcome relief from the stifling heat we have had this week. The garden lettuces that were looking pretty sorry for themselves this afternoon might come to something after all.